About Us

Kailah Here: Savor Spice Co. began as a small bakery and brunch cafe in Henderson, Nevada in 2019. We were just beginning to make our mark as a black woman owned and ran business when Covid-19 hit. Although we were planning to move and expand we decided as a whole to shut down for the safety of our patrons and workers. We continued with a few catering and baking gigs before realizing it would be a long time before every thing returned to normal. 

I returned to teaching (Middle School ELA) but I really missed the cafe and it’s patrons in addition to my own friends and family. I complained to my friends that everything felt so overwhelmingly distant and we agreed to make time to chat about food and where the restaurant could go. Eventually this turned into virtual cooking nights and lessons with my friends and family. I realized that it would be so cool to recreate the dishes from the cafe but not everyone had what I used on hand. I set out to make small batch products for my friends and family and a few patrons who missed the cafe. This was the pivot I needed. 

Using a lot of fresh produce (which wasn’t in high demand at the start of the pandemic) I was able to recreate mostly every thing we used at the cafe from the spice rubs we used on our roasted pork for bennies to the spiced sugars we used to create larger than life cinnamon rolls, Savor Spice Co. was born! 

Although we began as a restaurant, Savor Spice Co. is dedicated to blurring the lines between restaurant dining and home cooking. We believe that everyone has the ability to re-create the meals that they love to eat when dining out.

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